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Woodgreen’s Caribbean Carnival

Woodgreen’s Caribbean Carnival

On August 9th, 2018, we volunteered with Woodgreen as they hosted their inaugural Caribbean Carnival in Leslieville.

What we did:

  • Setting up tables/chairs
  • Meal preparation and catering assistance
  • Socializing with residents
  • Managing and participating in games (dunk tank, ring toss, beanbag toss)
  • We got dunked. Yes, the residents had some sick aim.
  • Clean up after the event.

How we helped:

  • Created connections between generations
  • Provided entertainment (we were dunked in water by a number of the residents) 🙂
  • Assisted in set up/clean up for Woodgreen Communities staff
  • Genuinely felt that our involvement created a positive experience in their community

How we felt:

  • That our involvement left a positive impression on the guests
  • Empowered
  • Motivated (to do more)
  • Inspired by the two residents we met that were 100 years old!

Interested in getting involved? Connect with us at to find out more about our monthly volunteer events.

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