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Written by Lisa Choi – Sales Representative with Verity Real Estate

Presumably, your friends are not Jon Snow-bad at dinner parties. There is a lot of pressure for everyone to be blogger-level hosts these days and really, shouldn’t the point be to see your friends and not to impress them? Who says that you have to cook everything from scratch? My most successful crappy dinner party is always on Boxing Day when everyone brings leftover cheese, charcuterie, turkey, stuffing and half open bottles of wine! I’m not saying that you should only ever have ugly dinner parties but every guest asks what they can bring to your affair whether it’s formal or frazzled. Let them bring or store-bought cookies or whatever they love and want to share. The options are endless when we let go a little.
When you don’t feel like cooking order a pizza or fried chicken and fancy it up with sides or fake the cooking part! The first rule of crappy dinner party is that there really are no rules.


Brandon Ware

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