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Three reasons to consider making the move to Roncy…

Three reasons to consider making the move to Roncy…

Post written by Scott Cumming and and Maddie Shirriff

Roncy Roncy Roncy

Looking to move? Here are 3 reasons you should consider making Roncesvalles home.

#1. Sorauren Park

This should be known as the park of endless opportunities. And therefore requires it’s own sub points listed below…

Head on over to the Farmer’s Market. The market runs every Monday from 3-7pm. During the winter months, the market moves indoors from November to April. You can find fresh, local produce, meat, pastries and entertainment. Be sure to bring your kids as there are activities for them too. It truly is a family affair and one of the many reasons I personally love Roncy. Got a fur-baby? Check out the fenced in, off-leash dog park located within Sorauren Park. Your pup is sure to have a great time!
Live out your figure skating/NHL dreams! Each winter (and weather permitting) a volunteer crew builds and maintains an ice rink. I’m embarrassingly bad at skating but carpe diem! It’s never too late to brush up on forgotten skills.
There is a community bake oven. Need I say more? Wanna have an adult pizza party with all your friends? No problem, the Sorauren Park community has got you covered.
I could seriously go on and on… they have a playground, a pumpkin parade, a stargazer’s club… This park fosters such an amazing community because of the great people who help run it and are clearly very proud to call it their own. I dont know about you, but this sounds like somewhere I want to live!
Which leads me to my next point…

#2. Sense of Community

I think I have shown you through point #1 that Roncesvalles prides itself on creating and sustaining a community that they are proud to be apart of. What strikes me the most is how close it is to Toronto’s core yet it’s one of those places where shop owner’s call you by your first name. It’s got this small town charm nestled in the big city.

And lastly…

#3. Roncesvalles Avenue

I dare you to walk down this strip without heading into a store or two. These few blocks seem to have everything you need from cute coffee shops, restaurants, bars, local grocers, clothing stores, a dentist office… you get the point. This charming little street has everything you need. Scott and I explored the area last weekend and ended up eating at Stamp’s Lane Restaurant for Brunch. The avocado toast was unreal. We both had it. A lot of butter was involved.

And there you have it, folks! Three reasons why Roncesvalles would make a great home!


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