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#VerityAnswers – When Do I Choose My Finishes And How Do I Pay For Them?

#VerityAnswers – When Do I Choose My Finishes And How Do I Pay For Them?

Choosing finishes can be fun. 🙂 

You normally choose your finishes about 8-12 months before you occupy the new construction condo you’ve purchased. 

How are you notified when to choose your finishes? 

You’ll be contacted by the developer via email or a phone call to book an appointment to view and select your finishes. They’ll try to connect with you a few times and if you don’t respond, they’ll choose your finishes on your behalf, which is why it is so important to ensure the developer has your up-to-date email address and point of contact on file.

How do I see what upgrades I can choose? 

We’re seeing more and more projects where you choose your finishes online. You can still visit a design centre to view the finishes in person but final selection is done through the developer’s design portal. 

How do you pay for the upgrades you select? 

Upgrades are generally paid for on the spot. Sometimes you can mortgage the cost or build them into your purchase price but it’s important to budget for them in advance and to be aware that you may have to pay for the full cost of your upgrades when you select them.


Molly Gautreau

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